“Thank you for stopping by !
I’m a Belgium based guy, graduated in translation (french-italian) and copywriting. My mother tongue is dutch.

Besides that, I went on to study photography & graphic design, specialising in contemporary photography.

I have a keen interest in sports, modelshoots, events, food & portraiture.

In my free time…ssttt…I adore urbexing.

I love making pictures. It makes people happy . Whether you capture a great portrait, snag a shot of a special moment, or take a few photos to help a friend’s new business, photography can spread a lot of joy and that’s awesome.

Looking for a logo, a branding/rebranding, a brochure, poster, banner to promote your business/event ? I can help.

Not finding the right words ? Ask me !

Lots of reasons to contact me for more info. Ciao. ”.